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Simply type in the name of your Vessel, found on the 'Bill of Landing' we have issued you.


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Get your Vehicle In
5 Easy Steps

payment instructions

select your vehicleSelect your vehicle.

Let us know what vehicle you want. We then send you details and photos of a variety of vehicle for you to review. Simply take your pick.

Get a Quotation/ invoice and order the vehicleGet a Quotation / invoice and order the vehicle.

Once you have chosen the vehicle, we send you a quotation. If you decide to purchase, we send you an invoice and reserve the vehicle for you before someone else buys it.

Complete the paymentComplete the payment.

Now complete the payment by Bank Telegraphic Transfer, from any bank. Once completed let us know so we can proceed with shipment process.

Your vehicle is shippedYour vehicle is shipped.

After receiving the full payment we will immediately purchase the vehicle and make arrangements to export on the next available vessel. We will keep you updated on the Status of your shipments at any time and send all relevant documents to you or your agent by DHL courier a few days after the vessel leaves the UK port.

Collect your vehicle Receive your vehicle

Once you receive the documents, you can begin arranging collection and registration of the vehicle. Our Clearing Department can give you a breakdown on the fee’s and taxes to be paid and arrange collection, clearing and delivery. Let us do all the hard work and simply drive your vehicle away!


We advise that you get ‘insurance’ for any damages during transportation.

    1. Shipping Insurance: Firstly get insurance for vessel which will cover vessel sinking, fire, or loss of cargo. We will let you know all your insurance options.
    2. Inland Insurance: It is essential you get insurance that covers you from the port to Zambia. This will be comprehensive insurance to cover you for accidents. OZOD will not be able to collect your vehicle from the Port unless you pay Inland insurance. Get in touch with us for a quotation.

Payments Procedure

Bank Telegraphic Transfer is the preferred method of payment as it is the quickest, safest and simplest method. Please note that we don't accept any sort of payments unless invoice is issued to you for your purchase by our office. After you have completed the payment into the company account, please email us a copy of Telegraphic Transfer copy as ‘Proof of Payment’. When the payment has cleared, we will email or phone you with a confirmation. All payments must be made in full for us to proceed. We can only arrange the shipping once full payment has been received. If you have any problem or delay in the payment procedure, please contact us promptly for us to adjust accordingly. Please ensure that payment must be in (GBP) Great British Pound if payment is made to our UK account.


    1. It takes 3-4 working days for your payment to clear into our International account
    2. The sender must be aware to pay all bank transfer charges as an additional cost.
    3. Our Local bank here in Zambia is with Barclays Bank if you wish to pay locally.