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    We are passionate about providing Zambians with the world's most Luxurious cars. Zambia is a proud nation, let us be Zambia's nom.1 choice for sourcing luxury cars direct for the UK.

    Think Luxury, think Motors OZOD, FOR THE ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE!

  • Affordable Quality

    What car do you drive? Select from a wide Range of affordable cars from BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES, LAND ROVER ETC. Our prices are as low as £3,000 CIF. All our vehicles are selected with quality in mind. It's our job to find you your perfect car.

    The question is- which car do you WANT TO DRIVE?

  • Commercial vehicles

    Getting a commercial vehicle has never been easier, simply let us know what you want. We have every type of Truck, Mining and construction equipments and Transport.

  • Farming machinery

    Choose from a wide variety of tractors to suit any size of farm and budget. We have a huge selection of attachments and farming equipment such as ploughs, storage containers, planting and much more. Just let us know what you want and we shall provide.

  • Earth moving equipment

    Do you need strong, reliable equipment from UK? Look no further, we have all types of useful equipment such as Bull dozers, Graders, Compactors, Tipper trucks etc. Just name it, we will get it to you!

About us

Welcome, are you Zambian and looking for a new or second hand vehicle from the UK?

We are a Zambian run company based in Zambia and the UK. We are dedicated in providing a great service to all fellow Zambians. Whether you are searching for a car or commercial vehicle, through our trusted contacts we find the vehicle you are looking for, at the lowest price possible. Even after you’ve included the cost of Shipping and Duty, you will still save substantially when buying a vehicle from the UK by using our services. We may not be a big company, but that is exactly our strength. We can guarantee you a very personalised service in a way these bigger companies cannot. We go the extra mile for all our customers. Unlike most other vehicle exporter, who target as many people and countries as possible, we are proud to say that we have committed ourselves only to Zambia. It goes without saying that Zambian people should be doing business with its own people, so we only ask that you have faith in us to provide you a fantastic service, just as we have faith in doing business with fellow Zambians and our country.We are here to help! For peace of mind, trust and confidence, our Lusaka team will assist you at all stages, from the selection process, until you receive the vehicle. Getting a vehicle from us cannot be easier.

Why choose us?

The reason we are different from other dealerships is that we source our vehicles rather than stocking, simply because we do not want our customers to be limited to what we have in stock. Instead we can literally find the best car for you from hounded if not thousands of potential options. Choice is the future, and we can find any vehicle you are looking, at the best quality and cheapest price possible. Simply tell us what you want, and we’ll find it. What about the spare parts???The good news is we also supply spare parts direct from UK at affordable prices to all our customers as part of our customer care service. You never have to worry about parts again if you buy your car from us. The transit time for your shipment is also quick...

Namibia Walvis bay (over 2 weeks)
Tanzania Dar es salaam (4 weeks)
For other ports just ask us

Our services...


We purchase your vehicle from UK, ship it to port of your choice, Pickup it up from the port, clear it for you and delivery to you anywhere in Zambia. We also do vehicle inspection and registration for our customers
We Purchase your vehicle from UK and ship it to the port of your choice. Note this is without us collecting, clearing and delivery. You will need to organise pick up from the port.
If you have purchased a vehicle yourself from the UK, don’t worry, we can organise the shipping for you from UK to any port of your choice. Just ask us for a quotation and we’ll do the rest.
We can pick up, clear and Deliver your vehicle to you from the port. We offer our services to customers who have not purchase vehicles directly from us. Save yourself money and the hassle of organising clearing through us

Take Note:

We can pick up the vehicle from the port for you, our Clearing Department will be available to DO EVERYTHING including delivery right to your doorstep if required. Please note our company acts ‘as agents only’ when booking cargo with Roll On Roll off shipping lines and Container shipping lines on your behalf. Whilst every care is taken to ensure that our instructions are adhered to by the shipping lines we deal with, it is a fact that they do occasionally ‘short ship’ cargo and accept no responsibility for their decision to do so. In addition, accordingly we regret that our company is unable to accept responsibility for the failure of shipping lines to adhere to agreed departure or arrival dates. Just be aware, although it’s rare, this does happen from time to time.